Episode 6: Sweet Spot for your Pee Spot

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I have to pee. It’s in between appointments and I’m headed to the bathroom. On my way, I see my next client in the waiting area and they wave, stand up, and start to walk towards me. Choice point: To hold or hold not?

Who’s played a part in your behaviors when it comes to peeing? Are you more like Daniel or more like Jimmy … or maybe somebody else?!?

Good Role Model – Daniel Tiger (When you have to go potty, stop and go right away, flush and wash and be on your way …)

Bad Role Model – Tom Hanks as Jimmy Dugan in a League of Their Own (We’ve decided he probably holds the record for World’s Longest Pee.)

In Episode 6, we attempt to find the sweet spot for our pee spot. We hash out how we decide when to hold and when to let free and pee.

Sarah coins a new term, Bladder Privilege. And Jane fesses up to it!

We also lean in and share childhood memories …

Dad leaning in against the bathroom door, a gentle knock, followed by, “Everything coming out alright?”

And, or course, the classic peeing in the dressing room story.

We all have our pee pee stories! Talk to us. Tell us how you choose to hold or hold not. Hit us up in the comments below or talk to us on Instagram @psychologyofnothing.com

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