Hold on to your minds! The Psychology of Nothing podcast is about to drop!

peel back

Good news! There’s a new podcast on the horizon. We want to introduce you to the Psychology of Nothing! We are two psychologists from Portland, OR. We are here to talk about the mind chatter we all experience. If you’ve ever wondered, “Am I overthinking this? or “Have I gone too far?,” there’s a good chance the answer is yes.

You did overthink it.

You did go too far.

But that’s okay because it turns out we ALL do it.

In fact, WE DO IT AAAALLLLL THE TIME.  We’re doing it as we’re typing, right here, right now. (Don’t ask us how long it took us to write this post…or even the last 2 sentences.)

Together, on this podcast, we’re going to take a journey into our minds to talk about things that our mind may tell us is a big deal. Although by the end of our journey, we’re probably going to find out what we started talking about is really nothing. No big deal. Except we probably spent 2 months, okay, maybe even 2 years thinking about it.

Prepare yourself because you might be surprised by what we find out when we  peel back and look beneath the mind chatter…