Bo-bo-bo-bonus Episode: Reflections on Season 1

1545519916188Happy Holidays, Guys!!!

Break out the cheez whiz! We’re getting ooey-gooey as we reflect on just how human we really are. Starting a podcast has been a rollercoaster! In this bonus episode, we’re taking a look back and reflecting on what we’ve learned.

Turns out we haven’t followed up on many of the intentions we set. (Cue sad trombone music.) Jane initially called it and gave us an F for poor follow through. But then Sarah so wisely pointed out that we all make good intentions and commonly don’t follow through. (Cue awwwwww soundtrack). We decided to settle on an H for Human.

And talking about being human, we came to the conclusion … smelling belly lint is just a clear sign of being human. It’s really a simple equation: Belly lint + Smell = Human. But let’s be clear, this is probably specific to YOUR OWN belly lint.

Part of the bonus is in the editing. Given all of Sarah’s experience with editing now, we have a little fun with some tricks of the trade.

Take a listen and comment on what reflections you’ve had over the course of this ride with us!  We really want to know! We’re curious.

Episode 8: Beer Pressure

IMG_7098 (1)

Okay, it’s been a lllloooonnnnggg day … you’re finally home and have a moment to kick your feet up. Prior to making your way to the couch, do you maybe make a stop by the fridge? Maybe tell yourself, “I had a long day. I worked real hard. I put up with a lot of sh*t today. I. Deserve. A. Reward.” Perhaps, you might even hear Donna Meadle whisper in your ear three little words, “Treat yo’ self.”

What do you tell yourself when you decide to drink or not to drink? We explore this very question. Also, what kind of pressure do we put on ourselves about drinking? Is it our values, our friends, the menu, the server, or maybe even the city we live in (that Portland, OR knows how to imbibe).

Find out what happens when Sarah eats too much queso on a Saturday night and more about our choices when it comes to alcohol.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Update Alert!

Episode 8 wraps up our first season of Psychology of Nothing! We’re so happy you joined us on this journey. Check back here, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe so you know when we’re back in business!

In the meantime, let’s continue our conversation while we work towards Season 2 – Rate us wherever you listen, comment on our website, and hit us up on Instagram. There is so much more to say … don’t leave us in the dark. We want to know your inner most thoughts.

Episode 7: Aging

IMG_7002 (1)

Here’s a question for you:  How much Botox do you think it would take to de-wrinkle a pug? And would you want to ditch all those wrinkles?!?  The bat signal, the 11’s , the Double T’s over the eyes? That’s what makes the pug … So. Darn. Pugalicious.

What’s your judgment when it comes to your wrinkles?

In Episode 7, we explore the telltale signs of aging and our own judgments. We lean in and take a close look in the lighted magnifying mirror and explore our mind chatter when it comes to how we’ve aged.

Jane discloses a secret and Sarah questions her lineage. Also, listen to learn the relationship between Botox and tomatoes in January (in the Western Hemisphere).

Let us know what you think! Comment below and hit us up on Instagram. We’ll be waiting… (and hoping we’re not a year older before we hear from you…)

Episode 6: Sweet Spot for your Pee Spot

Processed with MOLDIV

I have to pee. It’s in between appointments and I’m headed to the bathroom. On my way, I see my next client in the waiting area and they wave, stand up, and start to walk towards me. Choice point: To hold or hold not?

Who’s played a part in your behaviors when it comes to peeing? Are you more like Daniel or more like Jimmy … or maybe somebody else?!?

Good Role Model – Daniel Tiger (When you have to go potty, stop and go right away, flush and wash and be on your way …)

Bad Role Model – Tom Hanks as Jimmy Dugan in a League of Their Own (We’ve decided he probably holds the record for World’s Longest Pee.)

In Episode 6, we attempt to find the sweet spot for our pee spot. We hash out how we decide when to hold and when to let free and pee.

Sarah coins a new term, Bladder Privilege. And Jane fesses up to it!

We also lean in and share childhood memories …

Dad leaning in against the bathroom door, a gentle knock, followed by, “Everything coming out alright?”

And, or course, the classic peeing in the dressing room story.

We all have our pee pee stories! Talk to us. Tell us how you choose to hold or hold not. Hit us up in the comments below or talk to us on Instagram

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Episode 5: Check your oil. Check your head.

I get in my car, the check oil light flashes. Or did it? I didn’t see anything. Nada. Clearly, my car isn’t trying to communicate with me. Because if it did, I’d have to start mental summersaults to figure out how to take care of it.

In Episode 5, we explore the ways our cars try to talk to us. Buuutttt … they just get the cold shoulder. This, of course, won’t come to bite us in the butt later.

We learn when it comes to our car, we better check it before we wreck it.

So we developed the following checklist.

Check your oil. Check your head. Checklist.

Listen to Episode 5 to hear about our near misses, being Indepundent, shoes that sound like waterfalls, and how Sarah doesn’t deserve a car and is a bad American (?!?!).

Talk to us! Comment below or hit us up on Instagram, pretty please.












Episode 4: You look tired

You wake up and feel so alert. You’re awake and ready to take on the world … meep.


Then the world points out, they think you look like …

Mr. Teeth

We’ve all heard it.

The friend, the neighbor, the colleague at work says those three little words when they first see you … You.  Look.  Tired. 

Enough said. We are breaking down the meaning of you look tired and exploring other ways to say this.

“Did the insomnia monster get ya?”

Take a listen and let us know if you like hearing, “You look tired.”  And if not, what would you prefer? Talk to us.

Side note:  Pink eye comes up in the after party.  Jane got an honorary PE (pink eye) degree since this episode first dropped. Now with confidence, we can say pink eye can be either bacterial or viral just in case you wanted to know. Go to the doctor if you get it; let them sort this out … unless, you too, have an honorary PE degree.

Episode 3: We picked this just for you

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Let’s set the stage. You’re standing in line at the grocery store. A two year old child is sitting in the cart in front of you and they’re looking for treasure, aka picking their nose. What do you think:  Cute or not cute?

Okay, next scenario. You’re at a summer wedding. You look behind you and see a 40 year old adult using their thumb to scratch the inner nostril, aka they’re picking their nose. Disgusted or not?

We have a hunch that this behavior starts young and never really stops. Take a listen to our latest episode digging into nose picking. When, if ever, does this public behavior turn private?  Talk to us.


Episode 2: Acne

Processed with MOLDIV

Pop Quiz:

  1. Does Sarah look like Gorbachev?
  2. Does Jane look like a Pizza Face or Pizza the Hutt … (our apologies Pizza the Hutt’s photo is not available due to copyright)?

We were mistaken for these popular figures in the early 90s. This couldn’t have poooossssiiibly got to our heads and affected us into adulthood.

Let’s pop these myths and find out how “pimple” is just another word for connection.

Listen to our latest episode, Acne.

P.S. We intentionally did not include voting buttons.



Episode 1: Underwear

Underwear Intention

Hey Everybody!

We just launched our first episode: Underwear! We can’t wait for you to hear it. We are real proud of a new term we coined …

Wait for it … wait for it…

Underwear Intention.

That’s right, underwear intention.

We’re in love with it and we hope you fall in love too.

Take a listen and share with us your underwear intention.

P.S. Please let us know if you know of a brand that makes 100% cotton underwear that is not boring.


Teaser Trailer in the trailer … It’s a teaser … in the trailer

PDXStream Trailer

Okay, so maybe we were overly ambitious with our last post using the phrase, “about to drop.” Turns out, this recording, editing, publishing business has a serious learning curve.

Good news, we’re getting the hang of it and we have a trailer for you. Take a listen and learn about what you can expect in episodes to come. If you’re curious and you want more, subscribe. If you subscribe now, you’ll find our first episode in your podcast house waiting for you when it drops for real.

P.S. The first episode is all about underwear … yep, underwear.

Find our trailer on iTunesGoogle Play, and Stitcher. We’ll be waiting for you.