Episode 4: You look tired

You wake up and feel so alert. You’re awake and ready to take on the world … meep.


Then the world points out, they think you look like …

Mr. Teeth

We’ve all heard it.

The friend, the neighbor, the colleague at work says those three little words when they first see you … You.  Look.  Tired. 

Enough said. We are breaking down the meaning of you look tired and exploring other ways to say this.

“Did the insomnia monster get ya?”

Take a listen and let us know if you like hearing, “You look tired.”  And if not, what would you prefer? Talk to us.

Side note:  Pink eye comes up in the after party.  Jane got an honorary PE (pink eye) degree since this episode first dropped. Now with confidence, we can say pink eye can be either bacterial or viral just in case you wanted to know. Go to the doctor if you get it; let them sort this out … unless, you too, have an honorary PE degree.

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