Episode 7: Aging

IMG_7002 (1)

Here’s a question for you:  How much Botox do you think it would take to de-wrinkle a pug? And would you want to ditch all those wrinkles?!?  The bat signal, the 11’s , the Double T’s over the eyes? That’s what makes the pug … So. Darn. Pugalicious.

What’s your judgment when it comes to your wrinkles?

In Episode 7, we explore the telltale signs of aging and our own judgments. We lean in and take a close look in the lighted magnifying mirror and explore our mind chatter when it comes to how we’ve aged.

Jane discloses a secret and Sarah questions her lineage. Also, listen to learn the relationship between Botox and tomatoes in January (in the Western Hemisphere).

Let us know what you think! Comment below and hit us up on Instagram. We’ll be waiting… (and hoping we’re not a year older before we hear from you…)

2 thoughts on “Episode 7: Aging”

  1. Ok now I am thinking “ did I fail my daughter making her want to have Botox”. My mom has hardly any wrinkles and is over 100. Maybe I have my dads genetic makeup. But then my mom took great care of her skin and I didn’t I guess maybe I should have cared more when I was young. Now I must just age gracefully!! Love this episode!!!


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