Episode 5: Check your oil. Check your head.

I get in my car, the check oil light flashes. Or did it? I didn’t see anything. Nada. Clearly, my car isn’t trying to communicate with me. Because if it did, I’d have to start mental summersaults to figure out how to take care of it.

In Episode 5, we explore the ways our cars try to talk to us. Buuutttt … they just get the cold shoulder. This, of course, won’t come to bite us in the butt later.

We learn when it comes to our car, we better check it before we wreck it.

So we developed the following checklist.

Check your oil. Check your head. Checklist.

Listen to Episode 5 to hear about our near misses, being Indepundent, shoes that sound like waterfalls, and how Sarah doesn’t deserve a car and is a bad American (?!?!).

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