Episode 3: We picked this just for you

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Let’s set the stage. You’re standing in line at the grocery store. A two year old child is sitting in the cart in front of you and they’re looking for treasure, aka picking their nose. What do you think:  Cute or not cute?

Okay, next scenario. You’re at a summer wedding. You look behind you and see a 40 year old adult using their thumb to scratch the inner nostril, aka they’re picking their nose. Disgusted or not?

We have a hunch that this behavior starts young and never really stops. Take a listen to our latest episode digging into nose picking. When, if ever, does this public behavior turn private?  Talk to us.


One thought on “Episode 3: We picked this just for you”

  1. Okay, so I did it. I tried the NoseFrida on myself. Since my kids can now blow their own noses, I retired it to the to the play doctor’s kit awhile ago. The other day, they were playing doctor and I noticed the NoseFrida. Sarah’s question piqued my curiosity. Can you use the NoseFrida on yourself?

    I had to blow my nose soooooo… I decided to go for it. I did an experiment. Nose. Frida. The. Self.

    Let’s just skip ahead to the outcome. Fail.

    As I sucked in through my mouth, I could not help but also suck in through my nose. And let’s be clear here, I want what’s in my nose to come out. I’m gonna have to say my verdict is …

    Awesome for babies. Not so good for self.


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